Lunch Menu

school lunch

Our hot lunch program is with Captain Sub/Greco.

This will be a weekly order form, that will be sent home on Mondays & to be returned to the school by Thursday, no more monthly menus will go home.

An order form in a zip-lock bag will go home with every student to be returned for that 1 week cycle, make sure to fill out name, class & teacher on the sheet and returned in the zip-lock bag( do not mark on the bag), then Greco will pick up the menus at the school.

If school is ever cancelled, hot lunch orders will be bumped to the next week.

 *There will be a separate form for the school milk program to be paid to the school.*


Attached is a GRECO LUNCH form order, incase your son or daughter does not bring one home.  Reminder this is a generic order form, if there is a PD day or no school day, please indicate that on the form so you are not paying for food that day.

Grecofoodorder – PDF file



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