Oct 18,2018

1.Picture orders must be in today.

2.Please get greco orders in today if you want lunches next week.

3.No school tomorrow!!!

4.Rock Band 1 rehearsal TODAY at big recess.

5.Rock Band 2 rehearsal Monday at big recess.

6.Rock Band 3 rehearsal Tuesday at big recess.     11:45-12:10

7.Reminder to all gr 7-9 band students that all playing tests need to be caught up my MONDAY.

8.Goodluck to Ben,Cali and Natasia who compete Saturday at the Cross Country Provincials in Mill River.

9.Girls soccer team, please hand in uniforms to Mrs.MacDougall.

10.Grade 4-6 Girls volleyball today at 12pm – Eat lunch at 11:45 Am.

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1.Happy Birthday to Bradley Tetro and Lily Billings!

2.Any students in grade 7-9 playing ball hockey intramurals,please meet at 10:30 in grade 8 homeroom to make teams.

3.Cross Country practice today for Ben,Cali and Natasia at 12pm.Meet at the ball feild.Natasia please eat at 11:45.

4.Girls final soccer game today at 3pm at Athena.Goodluck,girls!

5.Grade 8,please bring your health homework and a pencil to phys.ed today.

6.After school band today 2:30-3:30  —  See you all there!!

7.Extra band help at little and big recess today.If you have playing tests to show Mrs.Mullen,see her at little or big recess.All playing tests must be caught up by Oct 22.

8.Rock Band 1 TOMORROW at big recess.

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Oct 15th, 2018

  1. After school Band Grade 8/9 band Wednesday 2:30-3:30
  2. Grade 7 Band rehearsal Wednesday at lunch – bring your lunch to school that day.
  3. Rock band 1 rehearsal Thursday at lunch – bring your lunch to school that day.
  4. Running practice today at 12pm – Ben, Cali, and Natasia.  Meet at Ball field
  5. Grade 7 health due today.  Bring a pencil to phys.ed class along with your homework.
  6. Lunch with Principal today for students of the month.
  7. Girls Soccer practice today after school till 4pm.
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1.greco orders due.

2.Rock band rehearsal today at big recess.Rock band 4-6 group tomorrow at bi recess.

3.The following gr.7 people see Mrs.Mullins at little recess today,Tristan ,Darius,Abi,Meisha,Camdyn,Keenan,JJ,Zander,Dylan,Emma,Gabby.

4.Any students in grade 4-9 wanting to join ball hockey intramurals please sign up

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Home and School Fundraiser

New fundraiser. Items need to be picked up at Miscouche Rec Centre. Friday 2 – 7 pm and Saturday 8 – 12 pm. If an issue picking up call or text Kellie 902-439-3262 and Erynn 902-598-8179.


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1.Cross country practice at 11:45 grade 5-6 and 12:00 grade 3-4.If indoor meet at gym.

2.Girls soccer game tonight at SIS field 5:30 against Englewood.

3.Please get your greco orders in today.

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1.Rock band for Jr high today at big recess.

2. rock band 4-6 friday at big recess.

3.Meeting for grade 4-6 rock band at little recess today.

4.After school school band for grade 8-9 starts next wednesday.

5.All grade 7-9 have to submit any due playing test.

6.Please get your greco orders in by tomorrow.

7.Girls soccer game tomorrow night at SIS at 5:30 and Friday night at 3:45 in Hernwood.

8.Wrestling club being offered for grade 6-9 students at Athena.Any students interested see Mrs.MacDougall.

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