September 21 2018

1.Ms.Gogan  wants to thank our Jr High students for their great behaviour at the dance last night. WOW! What a fantastic turnout we had. Lots of fun, dancing and great memories for everyone. Special thanks to teachers that helped to chaperone-Ms.Yeo, Mrs.MacDougall, Mr.MacDonald and parent, John Goss. Without these volunteers, this night wouldn’t be able to happen! Thanks again-Ms.Gogan

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September 21,2018

1.If you are interested in rock band make sure you sign up before lunch time. This sign up is for lunch time groups separate from regular music class.

2.Cross country practice today at 11:45 grade 5-9 and 12 pm for grade 3-4 .Meet at the ball field.Students must wear sneakers.

3.Girls soccer team practice Tuesday after school till 4pm.Reminder to girls that athletic fees are due.

4.Bake sale next Thursday a lunch.All items are $ 0.25-$1.00.All proceeds go to Tarry Fox.

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Practice Lock down

Please note – Practice School Lock down at 1pm Friday Sept 21

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September 18,2018

1.Happy Birthday to Molly Grace and Leroy and Jermain.

2.Girls soccer game tonight at SIS at 4pm.Be at the field by 3:40! Goodluck !! Remember forms and money need to be handed in to Mrs. MacDougall today in order to play.

3. Jr high dance this Thursday night starting at 6:30-9:00 sharp.Hest coast is $ 5.00  and we will be sealing pizza and water for $ 1.00.All school rules apply.Come on out to have some fun.

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September 17,2018

1.Rock band grades  4-6 sign ups are on the  music board until Friday.

2.Jr high Rock band sign ups will be up until Friday.Open for drums,guitar,keyboard,singers and bass guitar.

3.Grade 4-6 choir sign ups will also be up until Friday.

4.Boys soccer practice today after school till 4pm.

5.Girls soccer team please come to the gym at 10:30pm today to get your jerseys.Girls first soccer game tomorrow at SIS at 4pm and boys at 5:30.Be there 20 minutes before the game,High risk forms and athletic fee must  be handed in ,in order to play.

6.Next cross country practice will be wednesday

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September 14,2018

1.Today is crazy hair\hat day.Please give your donation to your homeroom teacher.Homeroom teachers,a grade 9 student will be along to collect the money.

2.Forms due today.

3.There are sign ups for grade 4-6 choir on the music board outside the music room door.

4.There are sign ups Jr high rock band on the music board.Auditions possible depending on numbers.

5.Also there is sign ups for a grade 4-6 rock band.Auditions depending on the numbers.

6.Greco orders need to be in this morning.

7.Important meeting for both boys and girls soccer teams at 11:45 today in front of lobby.

8.On Thursday September,20,we will be having our first school dance of the year from 6:30 to 9:00pm.The cost to get in will be five dollars,We will be selling pizza and water for one dollar each.Please arrange your transportation prior to the dance.ALL school rules will apply.If any parent would like to chaperone,please contact Ms Gogan.Come on out and show ur best dance moves! It’s going to be a blast!

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September 13,2018

1.This Friday is hat or crazy hair day.We ask those students who are taking part to donate $1:00.All proceeds will go to the Terry Fox foundation to help with cancer research.

2.Cross country practice today at 12:00 for grade 3-6 students.Meet Mrs MacDougall by the ball field.Students must wear sneakers.Any students in grade 7-9 wanting to do cross country  please see Mrs MacDougall at 10:30 in the gym.

3.Girls soccer tryouts today after school  till 4pm.Boys soccer tryouts Monday  after school till 4pm, First game is Tuesday at 5:30 at SIS.Mrs MacDougall  needs form’s handed back by MONDAY!

4.Get your greco orders in today.

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